Saturday, September 28, 2013

Barbie & Ken Halloween Costumes!!!

Updated on 10/13/16

How can you look this cool you ask?  Well, let me walk you thru the process.

Please note, if you want to make 2 boxes, buy double of everything.  

Take a trip to the nearest U-Haul location. Buy a wardrobe box.

It looks like this.

On your way home from your local U-Haul, swing by Home Depot and pick up these items.

Now that you have collected your goods, lets get started!!!

1.  Take the wardrobe rod out of the box, you will not need this.  Unless you are going to use it to be ninja Ken.  Then you should keep it.  

2.  Duct tape the sides of the box that are hanging down.  Use the duct taped side as the back of the box.

3.  Spray paint the box pink.  Make sure to put on 2 coats.  

4.  Decide what your theme will be.  Get some ideas HERE.  You can also become a member of the Barbie Fan Club while you are visiting this site.  If that is something you are into.  

5.  Print out the following:
  • Mattel Logo HERE
  • Barbie Logo HERE
  • Ken Logo HERE
  • Or you can download the Barbie font online and create your own logo. 
  • Picture of Barbie (or Ken) that best represents your theme.  
  • Theme 
    • Workout
    • Holiday
    • Batman
    • Doctor
  • 5 Stars (All different sizes) 
  • Theme line - make up a theme line for your barbie.  
    • Bend his arm, his muscle pops. He's an all around athlete
    • Real workout action.  Bendable arms and legs
  • You can also add a saying near the hand hole on the box.  
    • Try me!
    • Gives real high fives!
6.  Layout and glue the printouts onto the box.

7.  Trace the opening and hand hole.  The hand hole is essential.  This will get food and drink into your belly.  

8. Cut the opening and hand hole with the sweet new utility knife that you bought at Home Depot.  
  • We didn't do this but it would be a good idea to also cut out air holes into the top of the box.  

9.  Duct tape the shoe box to the inside back of your box.  The shoe box should lay up against the small of your back.  This will help keep the wardrobe box in place and comfortable. 

10.  Get out that sweet utility knife and use it to cut slits into the back of the box for your shoulder and waist straps.  You will have to measure these to make sure that the straps keep the box from resting on  your head.  Insert straps.  

11.  Crawl inside the box and apply the window insulation.  Use a hair dryer to remove wrinkles and tighten the insulation.

12.  YOU DID IT!!!!!!!  You are now a proud owner of a giant life-size barbie box.  You will be the life of the party.  

If you have any questions please feel free to leave a comment below.  


  1. Did you print the letters to spell out Barbie and Ken at home?

  2. where di you put the straps? how low? it keeps going lopsided on me

  3. Hello,
    I realize that this posts is years old but I hope you will still receive this message. It looks like the Barbie words have been blocked. Is it possible to email them to me at Thank you!
    Alethea Watkins

    1. I just remembered I had this blog when a friend asked if I send her a picture of our costumes. Sorry for the late response. This probably won't help you now, but I just updated the Ken and Barbie logo links above.

  4. We got the back straps figured out but the box tilts forward?? What do we need to do?

  5. Thank you for the instruction! it was long process making it but ended up very nice. now I have 2 boxes to sell in ATL area if someone interested.

  6. what size paper should I print the logos?

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